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Year 9 Foundation Academic Scholarship Application Form

Tau 9 Pukatono Tūāpapa Hākinakina

The College Board offers Middle School scholarships annually.

Up to five scholarships covering up to 50 percent of tuition fees for five years’ education from Years 9–13 are offered.

Applications are invited from students in Year 8 at the time of application.

Candidates will sit a written examination of a standard suited to academically able Year 8 students. The examination will be held in the Secondary School on Monday 20 May 2024. Please note candidates must be available to sit the exam on site at St Andrew's College on the scheduled date. Candidates should assemble in the Normans Road carpark. Shortlisted applicants will then be invited for an interview.

All scholarships are reviewed annually. Scholarship holders will have their conduct and their co-curricular and academic contributions to the College taken into consideration.

Applicants must be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand.

Please note: In order to apply for a St Andrew’s College Middle School Scholarship, you must complete the Application for Admission Form by clicking here, if you have not already done so. Students in Year 8 at St Andrew's College do not need to complete the Application for Admission Form.

Applications close on Friday 12 April 2024.

Year 9 Foundation Academic Scholarship Application Form

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