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Sports and Cultural Options – Secondary School 2024

Kōwhiringa Hākinakina, Kōwhiringa Ahurea - Kura Tuarua 2024

St Andrew’s College has a proud history in sport, music and the performing arts. The co-curricular programme is seen as a major part of a student’s life at St Andrew’s College. Involvement in co-curricular activities is compulsory for students in Years 9–12, as is the College Athletics Day. Staff try to cater for a wide variety of interests and abilities and encourage both elite performance and enthusiastic involvement.

Our vision statement is 'enrichment through sport and cultural activities'.

This online sports and cultural options section is designed to provide students and parents with information needed to choose the sports and cultural activities they want to take part in, and also to provide information that may be required during the year.

Student Co-curricular Obligations

All students from Years 9–11 are required to take part in a year long activity (sports or cultural), or one summer and one winter sport. Students in Year 12 are required to take one co-curricular activity for the year, and it is encouraged but optional for Year 13 students. Students may participate in more than one sports or cultural activity per season provided the activities do not clash.

Students may apply in writing to the Director of Sports and Co-curricular Activities, Mark Lane, for a dispensation from their sporting and cultural obligations where there is a significant commitment to a sport or cultural activity outside the College that isn’t catered for in the College (e.g. gymnastics, judo, or representative swimming squads).

It is expected that all students will play for St Andrew’s in their main sport/cultural option.

When selecting squads to go to tournament to represent St Andrew’s, selection will be based on students who play for the College and only in exceptional circumstances will other students be considered.

Information for Students and Parents

Draw notices and results are regularly posted on the sports notice board next to Gym 1. The same information is sent out each week via the StAC App. A regular music newsletter and cultural dates are sent by email.

Students should also regularly check their Microsoft Teams and the daily notices for further information.


All Sports and Cultural selections are made online and selections for 2024 are now closed.