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2024 Sports and Cultural Options

Important Information

  • all 2024 Middle School students are required to take part in one sport or activity per term and one has to be a team sport or activity, e.g. one summer, one winter sport or a cultural activity, or a year-long activity;
  • all 2024 Year 12 students are required to take at least one sport or activity during the year, and it is encouraged but optional for Year 13 students;
  • students may participate in more than one sport, however, this is limited to a maximum of two sports per season, provided the two sports do not clash;
  • students can participate in more than one cultural activity provided this activity does not clash with another sport or activity;
  • club options are available for students, but they must also choose an activity from either the sports or cultural activities to meet their co-curricular requirements;
  • International Club and Māori and Pasifika Group are not considered enough for a full co-curricular commitment;
  • students must do the same summer sport in both Term 1 and Term 4.

Navigating your Sports and Cultural Options 

The Sports and Cultural Options are broken down into five categories and can be filtered using the tabs below.

Categories are indicated by a coloured band and letter on the left side.

  • Summer Sport – Pale blue band and letter S;
  • Winter Sport – Mid blue band and letter W;
  • Year Long Sport – Dark blue band and letter Y;
  • Year Long Cultural – Green band and letter Y;
  • Club – Purple band and letter C.